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Hello Everyone,


As with any new startup company there are peaks and valleys.  For those of you know know who we are, thank you for your continued support of CFS and what we’re trying to accomplish.  For those of you who don’t, the video on this campaign will give you good idea as to what we’re all about.  We hope you’ll like what we stand for and what we’re trying to accomplish, and are willing to help us get there.  The beauty of crowdfunding is that many like minded people with shared values can come together and contribute a little, but have a big impact.


The last few months have been rather busy and productive for us on several fronts.  One of the most productive things we’ve done is attend international conferences to speak about CFS.  These conferences have developed relationships with people around the world that we can utilize later.  For example:


Amsterdam – Met with Rabobank, who expressed interest in working with CFS once we have the prototype done, to get CFS systems into the Netherlands and other regions they’re involved with.


Split, Croatia – Met a professor from India who’s working with the government and various entities to install artificial aquifer systems in rural zones, and he’d love to add CFS systems into the proposals for added benefit.


Phnom Penh, Cambodia – By far one of the most productive trips for CFS, this trip led to us acquiring three formal Letters of Interest to get CFS systems into an orphanage and to be used by an agricultural sector that desperately wants to modernize.


With that said, we’ve been invited to talk about CFS at a Food Studies conference in Prato, Italy in October, and up to this point we’ve had funding, mostly through personal finances, to make these trips happen.  Sadly, the personal finance well has run dry and now we’re asking for help to get to this conference.  As always, we’re working hard to get the funding we need for Prototype Development and Testing, but the large scale investor process is a long and hard road.  In the meantime, conferences like these afford us the chance to line up potential customers or partners, improving our status in the eyes of investors, and just as importantly, show the world what sustainable agriculture is all about.


Now if this campaign does really well, there are future agricultural and sustainability conferences down the road, opening more opportunities to get CFS out there to build relationships.  But for now the focus is this one step, small and simple, and we thank you in advance for your continued support.